This is why I started the  T.A.R.E.I.C. and Blog :
 I know nothing in life is free and work is a requirement. I want to help other people like myself . 

I created this blog to journal  my real estate investor experience. I have bought so many different kinds of  so-called guru  strategies, systems, programs, training, workshops, seminars, and etc. Well,  just can not keep up with the math of real estate. 

I have to admit, I enjoy learning and I will not pay for something that I can find on Google or the next guru's presentation. I am tried of getting bits and pieces of information and there it no way to connect-the-dots or the back of the meeting room  so-called  'upgrade' that cost three-times as must as the first training....I don't have a 401k , IRA/Roth IRA, or Net Egg account.

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